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Where: Various cities
Presale: Various dates

Presale: Now â?? Wed 2/13 at 10pm
Canandaigua, NY â?¢ 7/13
Columbia, MD â?¢ 7/20
State Line, NV â?¢ 8/27
Boise, ID â?¢ 8/28
Troutdale, OR â?¢ 8/29
Phoenix, AZ â?¢ 9/10*
Tuscaloosa, AL â?¢ 9/16
Charleston, SC â?¢ 9/24

Presale: Now â?? Thu 2/14 at 10pm
Cleveland, OH â?¢ 7/9
Columbus, OH â?¢ 7/14
Rochester Hills, MI â?¢ 7/16
Pittsburgh, PA â?¢ 7/18
Philadelphia, PA â?¢ 7/19
Morrison, CO â?¢ 8/22
Magna, UT â?¢ 8/23
Santa Barbara, CA â?¢ 9/7
Nashville, TN â?¢ 9/22
Raleigh, NC â?¢ 9/25
Charlottesville, VA â?¢ 9/26

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